Client: Walbridge
Location: Goose Creek, SC
Scope: Engineering, Geostructural Solutions, Turnkey Concrete, Industrial Contracting


Wayne Brothers Geostructural Solutions group designed and installed a deep foundation system for a new spool structure. We also provided Turnkey Concrete and Industrial services on this project. This was the second spool structure we have done for the client.

The structure was originally designed on prestressed-precast piles. After evaluating the soil conditions, loading information, and seismic design requirements, we determined that we could provide a value-engineered solution using augercast piles. Our client accepted our value-engineered solution due to our internal coordination efforts and cost savings. We installed 187 augercast piles.

The Concrete team completed 18,000 SF and 2,505 cyds of mat foundation installation on the augercast piles. The radius walls consisted of 13,000 SF and 676 cyds and were 3′-6′ thick. The main scope package was completed in 60 days.

The Industrial group installed precision alignment of base plate rails for the heavy cable spooling equipment.