Client: Gray
Status: Completed
Location: Southeast
Scope: Civil & Infrastructure, Turnkey Concrete


Wayne Brothers completed a combined scope of Civil & Infrastructure and Turnkey Concrete construction on this 13-month project. This project was the second of two press pits Wayne Brothers has completed for the General Contractor and the End User.

The Turnkey Civil & Infrastructure scope included grading for a manufacturing facility and a deep pit excavation. The entire scope included:
• 60 acres site
• 0ver 100,000 cys of fill
• 40,000 cys of excavation
• 30,000 cys of blasted rock
• 60 foot deep press pit

Challenges began with the press pit foundation, located in the middle of the building pad, was originally designed to be laid back at a 1.5:1 to allow for safe access to the excavation. When Wayne Brothers VDC group modeled the excavation and press pit foundation, it discovered an alternate excavation method would allow for a quicker, more cost-effective solution, while allowing the rest of the building foundations to begin concurrently. With the help of the project manager and its’ design team, we were able to convert the 1.5:1 sloping design into a hybrid excavation that consisted of a 1.5:1 slope of the first 30 ft of depth and then a vertically shored excavation from 30 ft to the termination of excavation at minus 60 feet. Soil nailed shoring was used on the bottom 30 feet to which a 13-foot-thick one-sided formed concrete wall would be poured. This required accurate layout and face wall excavation as the shotcrete face had to be extremely precise. Rock was line drilled, prior to blasting, to encourage exact blasting perimeters. Hammer hoes and rock drills shaped the face to ensure an exact face for the poured walls.

The Turnkey Concrete scope included three main areas: press pit, hydraulic room, and building foundation & slabs. All together this was approximately:
• 1,018 tons of rebar
• 15,100 CY of concrete
• 580 embeds
• 325 Steel plates for SOG
• 200 spread footings
• 215,000 SF of SOG.

Value engineering, large deep foundation experience, providing multiple scopes, and careful planning made this project a success for everyone.