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Wayne Brothers Inc - Be Responsible and Account-Able
Wayne Brothers Inc - Be Responsible and Account-Able

WBI Safety Training

Improving safety performance is a strategic priority at Wayne Brothers. We work hard to continuously enhance our safety program to insure the safety of our clients and employees. The following summarizes some of the proactive programs Wayne Brothers has instituted:

WB has one of the most comprehensive instruction programs of any contractor including:

  • All employees have a minimum of OSHA 10
  • New Employee Orientation and Safety Training for all employees on their very first day of work
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided to all employees, and replaced as required
  • Job Site Safety Orientation specific to their onsite job tasks
  • Daily Pre-Task Planning that focuses on daily work tasks and related risks
  • Weekly Safety “Toolbox Talks”
  • Weekly safety instructions including a 24 week safety program
  • Safety Training Units within WB Craft/Supervisory/Executive Management Training Programs
  • Specialized Safety Training Activities including OSHA 10/30 Hour, Competent Person, Trench, and Confined Space Training.


Pre-Employment Screening
• Pre-employment and random drug testing throughout employment
• Drug-free work environment & zero tolerance policy
• Physical Exam
• Fit for Duty Exam

More Safety Protocols
• Four full-time safety professionals including a Safety Director and three Field Safety Supervisors. This increases our response to project needs and unannounced safety audits.
• Two full-time bi-lingual trainers who are OSHA trained. This allows WB to effectively communicate the latest OSHA information and best safety practices to our Hispanic workforce.
• Safety Incentive Rewards Program to reward employees who attain WB’s goal of zero accidents.
• WB has addressed personal accountability for safety actions by implementing a stringent disciplinary policy. The goal is to stop the unsafe behavior before an accident occurs.
• The prevention of soft tissue injuries presents a challenge for any construction contractor. WB has elicited the expertise of a chiropractor to develop a stretching program for the purpose of reducing these types of debilitating injuries.


ABC Gold Safety STEP Award (2013-2015)
American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) Zero Lost Time Safety Award (2011, 2014)
ASCC Safety Recognition Award (2001, 2010 – 2015)
ASCC Outstanding Safety Achievement (2012 – 2013)
ASCC Safety Improvement Awards (2007 – 2013)
ASCC Fleet Safety Awards (2009 – 2015)
Carolinas AGC 1st Place Safety Excellence Award (2011)
NC Dept of Labor Million Hours with No Lost Time (2013)
NCDOL Silver Safety Awards (2008 – 2011, 2013)




Safety Accident/Incident Summary Information (Type, Location, Time, etc.)

  • Workmen’s Compensation Cost Data
  • Lost Time Accidents
  • OSHA Recordables
  • “Near Misses”
  • First Aid Data

Employee Awareness Of Safety Program From Orientation Through Specialized Courses

  • WB Job Site Safety Inspection Data
  • Safety Training and Certification Information
  • Research, Identify And Use Safety Best Practices In Job Planning Activities


  • Accident/Incident Report
  • Safety Accident/Incident Analysis Information Summary


Recorded Internally To Prevent Workplace Accidents

Work Process Improvement

Continuously Working To Improve Processes To Prevent Incidents From Occurring

Best Practices

Recorded Internally To Prevent Workplace Accidents

Lessons Learned

Shared With All WB Employees For Awareness Of Event And To Discuss Ways To Prevent Incident From Occurring Again In The Future

Comprehensive Safety Training

  • New Employee Orientation And Safety Training
  • Job Site Safety Orientation
  • Daily Safety Huddle
  • Pre-Task Planning/Training
  • Weekly Safety Toolbox Talks
  • Safety Training Units Within The WB Craft/Supervisory/Executive Management Training Programs
  • Specialized Safety Training Activities (e.g., Workshops, Seminars, Instructional Units, etc.)
  • OSHA 10 Hour
  • OSHA 30 Hour
  • OSHA 500 (For Selected Personnel)
  • Safety Awareness And Skill Training Component Of Superintendent And Foremen Training Programs

Safety Plans

  • WB Corporate Safety And Health Program
  • WB Corporate Crisis Management Plan
  • Safety Improvement Action Plans (Part Of WB Strategic Plan)
  • Employee Wellness Plan
  • Safety Staffing Plan (2013-2016)
  • Safety Incentive Plan
  • Employee Safety Awards And Recognition Plan
  • Site Specific Safety And Health Program

Safety Focused (Hiring Process)

    • Pre-Employment Physical (e.g., Functional Capacity Or “Fit For Duty Exams”)
    • Medical History Forms In The Hiring Process
    • Comprehensive Safety Knowledge Assessment
    • Safety Scenario Questions In Interviews