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When companies face the need to move or demolish large pieces of industrial equipment, the job is not an easy one. Not only do they need to handle the movement of the machine or equipment itself, but they also need to ensure that waste and debris are properly recycled or disposed of per OSHA and EPA guidelines and that the press pit or other flooring is protected. If the machine is being moved to a new location, a proper foundation must be in place to ensure proper support and operation. All of this requires the right knowledge and proper equipment. Wayne Brothers Industrial has both.

Safe Demolition of Heavy Equipment and Removal
Wayne Brothers Industrial offers heavy equipment demolition services designed to protect your facility and recycle or recover all metals and other recyclables from the project site. This allows your business to recoup some of the costs and maintains sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Throughout the demolition process, Wayne Brothers Industrial, will ensure that all waste and debris are removed and declared or disposed of safely, leaving your facility in excellent shape and ready for the next piece of equipment.

Our demolition and removal services use the latest techniques necessary to safely and effectively remove your equipment, including:

  • Torching and plasma cutting
  • General disassembly
  • Diagram and labeling for reassembly
  • Cranes, lifts, jacks and dolly’s

Our team will assess the situation and determine the best route to remove the equipment, keeping your goals for demolition or removal in mind and protecting your property from damage in the process.

Moving Heavy Equipment Safely
Sometimes the goal is not to get rid of the equipment, but rather to move it to a new location. This is no simple task, as the sheer size and weight of certain equipment requires skill and accuracy to move it. It also requires a proper press pit and foundation set up at the new location to provide a stable setting for the machine.

Because Wayne Brothers Industrial offers press pit construction and concrete foundation services, in addition to heavy equipment moving services, we are the logical choice to help a project from start to finish. We can create a press pit, a tunnel, a trench, a foundation or a combination of all to support the machine, then move it into place with precision. Our knowledgeable, highly trained and skilled team will make this process as quick as possible, so you have minimal disruption in operations.

Whether you are moving large industrial equipment or removing it altogether, Wayne Brothers Industrial has the concrete and industrial contracting services you need to make the job safe and effective. Reach out today to learn more about our heavy equipment removal and demolition services and how they can make your project a success.

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