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Wayne Brothers Services

When looking for a contractor with a solid, proven record of quality and dependability, look no further than Wayne Brothers, Inc. Our combination of site development and concrete construction services are unique in the industry. By packaging site work and concrete construction together, you are assured that two of your project’s most critical scopes of work are done right and on time.

Challenges are met and welcomed at Wayne Brothers.  From installing complex underground storm water detention systems to excavation for intricate foundations, and from forming and installing superflat concrete floors to cantilevered cast-in-place shored slabs, our team has the expertise and resources to successfully complete any project. We bring more than 23 years of diverse project experience to your job.  Knowledge, flexibility, and ingenuity are why Wayne Brothers is the subcontractor of choice for complex projects, like Siemens Gas Turbine Foundations in Charlotte, NC.

Every job is meticulously planned right from the bid stage by our team of experienced estimators and project managers using state of the art technology. We  partner  with our clients to ensure that their schedule, expectations, and budgets are met. Every project is executed by the most experienced and well trained craftsmen in the industry using the latest technology and techniques. Click here to view the craft training.

If you are tired of the problems, excuses, and managing through the incomplete scopes-of-work of the other guys, please contact our business development team today. Our goal is to deliver a top quality product to our clients with no ugly surprises or problems along the way.