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These employees are being recognized by a coworker for going above and beyond.


Trey Gonzalez on the Camden job has taught a lot of the guys. Trey, Noe Saravia, Isaiah Scott, Manny Rosales have done an excellent job teaching these guys!! – Bruce Ashworth

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Charlie Lilly for all his time and help with the Safety Manual policies. His expertise and patience in explaining safety regulations and brainstorming with me to complete the Avetta process were greatly appreciated. Your contribution will go a long way in keeping our workplace safe for everyone. Thanks again for your time, dedication and hard work, Charlie! – Katy Roland

I took a group from HQ to visit our SCF Wolfspeed project in Siler City, NC.  I want to thank Tyler Roach, Todd Ashworth, Sam Barrier, Cathy Downs and the whole crew at SCF for graciously welcoming us to the jobsite.  Tyler, Todd and Sam loaded everyone up on 3 separate UTV’s and gave us a very detailed tour of the jobsite.  We were able to walk through most of the buildings and witness first hand all of the hard work our team at WBI and our fellow teammates from other Companies have completed.  It is truly amazing!!!  Also, many thanks to Cathy Downs for providing us with a delicious lunch!!! – Cindy Sims

Will Tripplet has emerged as a leader working closely with teammates, clients, and subcontractors. He has exceptional work ethic and is the go-to man for a lot of people. We are very proud of Will as he continues to grow and make positive impacts on everyone he engages – Jeff Howell

Kudos to Gerardo Munoz, Eduardo Argueta, and Armando Esquivel for being a team players working on multiple projects, bouncing between day and night shift and helping to handle in and out activities at the CLT Airport while working at Stowe. Their positive attitude when asked to assist and be flexible with whatever comes up is always appreciated. Thanks guys! – Joe Rebrovich

I would like to Recognize Jose (Cuba) Tojiero for his exceptional work ethic, whatever it takes mentality, and positive attitude no matter the situation. The project success and client relationship we have at Loso wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication Cuba and his crew exhibits everyday. – Zac Meredith

I had an applicant accept a position on a Tuesday and was willing to start on Thursday. That gave our team less than two days to complete all of the pre hire tasks. Shawntel Brown worked diligently to get our new Outside Sales Rep through all of these required tasks and in orientation Thursday morning. Great job and thank you for all you do to improve and grow our work force. – Josh McKnight

The Structural and Civil Teams working at the NUCOR Project, these guys and gals are doing an excellent job to keep the project moving forward. We appreciate the efforts of all involved. – John Ashworth

Amanda, Tom, Jaime, Jake and Bruce, these folks are doing great work to help train our Team members. Appreciate what all you folks are doing.  – John Ashworth

Dallas Burch started off as one of the first Civil tech and grew his knowledge. He has trained and developed the civil tech team to 7 team members and supporting the drone and surveying need for the last 5+ years. Every team member for the civil tech group was mentored and seek knowledge from him to this day. – Efrain Rodriguez

Zach Clubb ended up staying until 7:30pm one night because I had a sub on site seeding our pond slopes and pond berm. I was beyond tired that day and if not for him I would have been in an unsafe situation driving home. – Keith Hansen

Thank you to Keith Wayne for the logo’d company apparel. – Amanda Phillips

Bruce Ashworth has stepped in and helped me in so many ways, that it’s indescribable! He comes at least one day during the week just to let me leave early and get home at a descent time. Not to mention the training he’s doing with all my guys! It means the world to all of us! He also jokes with the crew which helps keep morale up. – Keith Hansen

Sam Barrier started out as an intern and has worked his way up to a Project Engineer in a short amount of time due to his great work ethic.  Project SCF has not been an easy project to start out on but he has rose to the challenge.  Whenever I need him to help me out with something, I know he will get it done.  I believe the entire SCF team would agree that Sam’s support is a key factor in the success of the project so far.  – Derik Wilson

I just wanted to thank my Process Piping crew and the Rigging crew for a job well done on the Frito lay outage a few weeks back in March. Without the help and assistance the progress we made wouldn’t of been possible. And thank you to PCS for helping us get the required items together in preparation for the shutdown. I know it was a hectic situation to get us what we needed in such a time crunch. – Gregory Jouben

Cody Key is always available to help new SPMs/PMs/ and PEs when they have questions. Even when he is knee deep in his own work, he always takes the time to answer their questions or needs and he doesn’t make them feel like it is a bother to him. He has a great attitude while being helpful. – Shelli Sillanpaa

Thank you to PCS for delivering all the equipment to the Atrium Health Ballpark for Construction Day. – Shannon Sapp

As we close out the 2023 fiscal year, I want to take a moment to recognize the achievements of the Geostructural division and express gratitude to those who have contributed to our success. Thanks to the dedication and collaboration of our team, we’ve not only met but surpassed expectations. Special thanks to Jim Rhodes and Rick Adsit for their invaluable support, and to Katy Roland for her proactive efforts in project opportunities. The Southern Engineering team’s expertise has been crucial, particularly Joseph Wickline, Jose Arcila, Garrett Overcash, and Peter Theilgard. Welcome to Jay Cerceo, our newest member. To the entire Geostructural crew, your hard work and unity have been outstanding. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm; let’s continue our successful journey together. Cheers to more accomplishments ahead! – Al Kasim

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