Client: Gray
Status: Complete
Location: Lexington, NC
Scope: Turnkey Concrete, Civil & Infrastructure
Project Manager: Tyler Roach, Rick Adsit
Superintendent: Bryan Belk

This 13-month project was for EGGER, a wood manufacturing company, that produces panel products. WB was awarded the Concrete and Civil & Infrastructure scopes of work.

Turnkey concrete included building foundations, equipment foundation, press pit foundations and walls, equipment pit foundation and walls, equipment piers, shored slabs, building walls, single sided formed equipment walls, building curbs, slab on grades, slab on metal decks, topping slabs, and precasting of concrete tunnel lids. Almost 25,000 CYD of concrete was poured, 2.5 million pounds of rebar installed, and 275,000 SOG installed. The footprint of one of the buildings was 36,000 SF and WB installed roughly 1.5 miles of linear wall (roughly 66,000 SF) inside of this footprint.

On the Civil & Infrastructure scope we used 3D pipe modeling to manage all the pipes in the ground running side by side and crossing each other to enter the buildings. We were able to work through all clashes in the model to keep from running into issues in the field. We had up to 6 pipe crews working at one time that installed 121,500 feet, or 23 miles, of pipe along with setting 250 manholes.