Client: Carolina CAT
Status: Ongoing
Location: Carolinas
Scope: Industrial Contracting


Like any heavy construction equipment dealer, Carolina CAT can be tough on concrete. They were having problems with joint spalling and surface deterioration caused by heavy, steel tracked equipment traveling across, spinning and grinding into the surface. We provided a product that is superior to traditional concrete and able to withstand the harsh environment.

We place MEGASLAB, an Engineered Concrete System, in the area most heavily trafficked by steel tracked and rubber tired equipment. Our industrial services group knew the MEGASLAB system was the best solution for the CAT facility. We have seen MEGASLAB that was only 13 days old withstand the abrasion of a rotating D10 bulldozer with no significant damage. Yes, it is that tough!

The CAT locations we have placed MEGASLAB include:

  • CAT LiftOne Columbia
  • CAT Reames Road
  • CAT Greensboro
  • CAT Greensboro Truckstop
  • CAT Monroe