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November Anniversaries!

By November 27, 2012November 16th, 2016Wayne Brothers, Personnel

Congratulations to the following WBI employees who celebrated their anniversaries this month!
Bob McMahand, 7 years on November 2nd
Melvin Chevez Zelaya, 1 year on Nov 4th
Sinuhe Valencia Gonzalez, 6 years on Nov 8th
Everette Pressley,1 year on Nov 11th
Michael Shipman, 1 year on Nov 11th
Curtis Wise, 1 year on Nov 11th
Don Woodberry, 1 year on Nov 11th
Julius Breland, 1 year on Nov 11th
Marvin Spell, 1 year on Nov 17th
Alberto Salinas, 12 years on Nov 20th
Mark Morrow, 2 years on Nov 24th
Isidro Velazquez Roman, 2 years on Nov 24th
Martin Rodriguez Hernandez, 9 years on Nov 25th