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Site grading involves the modification of the existing topography to accommodate and integrate buildings, circulation and designed landscapes. It deals with good site drainage, establishes the appearance of the site and may also be adopted to visually screen or frame views, enhance site interest and control erosion, noise and wind.

Grading services involve leveling the ground for construction or civil engineering work such as setting a foundation for a building, road or railway, using heavy equipment such as graders, scrapers, vibratory compactors and bulldozers. Grading may be needed for the construction of single homes and sprawling subdivisions alike, or commercial sites of one to hundreds of acres.

Grading is also one of the first steps needed at the start of residential, commercial and civil engineering construction projects such as single detached homes, subdivisions, buildings, malls, resorts or golf courses. Grading service contractors level the ground according to the plan for the project.

Since site grading is the starting point for the development of other elements of a project, a sustainable approach to site grading underpins the overall sustainability of a project.