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These employees are being recognized by a coworker for going above and beyond.


Kudos to the entire Finishing group for the work performed at the Galaxy job. Jim Kletsch, Gerardo Torres and Crew did an excellent job with the manpower we was working with. Gerardo also did a great job the week Jim was off. Thanks to Lowell Burge and Oscar Palacious for their help in making all of the deck pours a success. – Kevin Steele


I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to our project team at Neptune. This project consisted of 15 major equipment foundations with a total of 12,460 cy of concrete and 1,200 tons of reinforcing all in a enclosed building with low clearance issues for our cranes and work areas at a premium. We started this project on a 50 hour work week with 20 guys growing to 50 guys at peak. Our Client needed to advance the schedule for the owners, so we moved forward with their request ramping up to 60 hour work weeks and a total 98 co-workers at peak. Thank you to the leaders of this project – Project Manager: Tyler Zmina, Project Engineers : Justin Goode & Bryan Lane, Safety Supervisor: Freddie Daniels,  Project Superintendent: Travis Jones and Jose Martinez, and all Co-workers as well as two sub- contractors Collins Reinforcing & Ventura Concrete.  Thank you CSI for another opportunity to work with your team!! Thank you everyone for your hard work and commitment to this project. – Terry Swayne


I wanted to thank some teammates for their noble work and dedicated time. We had an emergency shut down at our customer Frito. They had a mechanical failure that led to damaged machinery that would no longer allow them to run production. Within 5 days on short notice, we had them back and running. We reached out to the rigging department and they gave us some very good hands to accomplish this work. Brandon Adams, Pete Liberatore, Rob Pasour, John Babel, Cesar Espinosa, and Julian Robles, came through on this task and were able to complete this job in a timely manner. The turn-around and work ethic given to this job showed our customers they can depend on us in future endeavors. – Gregory Jouben


John Burch, Zac Meredith, & Cody Josey at Penler  have done a great job on the project and have been a huge help in showing someone from preconstruction the ins and outs of project management at Wayne Brothers. A great example of how to execute the plan, and quickly solve an “debacles” before they effect the job. Rock solid group. – Chris Robertson

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