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Congratulations to the following employees who are celebrating their anniversaries with WBI this month!

23 years: Scott Ashworth
18 years: Gary Akers
10 Years: Angel Moran Banegas & Mario Raul Padilla
9 Years: Wilmer Dubon & Juan Cubas Rodrigues
7 years: Charles Sweat
6 years: Mike Picciano
2 years: Jose Martinez, Joe Vasquez, Javier Bueso Cabrera, & James Kletsch
1 year: Lawrence Foster, Brian Gaddy, Sean Greer, Jacob Helton, Brett Rowe, Rene Rodrigues, Larry Wells Jr., Andrew Barney, David Martinez, Santiago Del Cid, Jorge Gonzalez, Alfred Linen Elio Gomez Lopez, Jonathan Parker, Patrick Sharpe Jr., Ericke Jacobs, Euclides Sandoval, Matthew Thompson