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The month of March is open enrollment for our 401K plan. Changes made during this time will be effective April 1. If you wish to join or change the percentage of your wages that you are currently deferring you may call Fidelity or go online and make these changes. The phone number for Fidelity is 800-835-5097 and the website is Reminder: WBI will match the first 2% of your deferral contribution – dollar for dollar WBI will match the next 4% of your deferral contribution – fifty cent on the dollar All contributions are pre-taxed. So in addition to saving for your future; you are also saving by paying less in taxes. Take advantage of this benefit and start saving for your retirement now. Feel free to call or come by and see Lacie in Human Resources if you have any questions. She may be reached at 704-956-2268. Changes must be completed before the end of March.

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