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Wayne Brothers was featured in Concrete Construction Magazine’s July 2013 article “Saftey is King”!
Wayne Brothers’ philosophy has always been that quality begins from the foundation up. The keys are safety and innovation, and they take each seriously. “We are very excited to announce that Wayne Brothers has worked 1,013,289 hours and 16 months without a Lost Time accident,” boasts CEO Keith Wayne.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology will soon dominate the concrete industry. Wayne Brothers has jumped in with its own version: Wayne Brothers Information Modeling (WBIM). “With the adoption of this cutting edge technology, not only are we managing our projects more efficiently and cost-effectively, but we are able to offer our clients increased value in the level of service we provide, from project conception to completion,” says Wayne.

Another Wayne innovation is what they call Ductilcrete, a virtually curl-free concrete slab system that can reduce joints up to 80% and extend the warranty up to five years. “It is cost-competitive compared to conventionally designed floor systems, yet performs like premium floor slabs.”! You can view the article here: