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Wayne Brothers Inc. takes great care and measures to ensure the safety of our workers at all of our job sites. Because of the nature of construction work, these related injuries can be some of the most life-altering among work-related injuries. Check out our list of top safety tips construction workers can use every day on the job.

1. Mount and Dismount Equipment Safely

The top cause of construction worker injuries is getting on and off equipment. Mud on gloves or boots, failure to use the hand and foot holds properly or failing to judge the drop can lead to slip-and-fall injuries. Weeks need to be taught to think about the process of getting on and off equipment in order to do so safely.

2. Keep Work Areas Clear of People

When a construction worker is managing a piece of equipment, people crowding around are a serious safety hazard. While it’s fun to watch the work being performed, insist that the watchers do so from a safe distance. People on the ground must not be hear any operating machinery.

3. Use Proper Lifting Technique

Construction work requires lifting, and you need to employ proper lifting techniques in order to avoid a neck or back injury. Bend at the knees and turn using your feet, not twisting at the waist, when lifting heavy items.

4. Keep the Tool Belt Balanced

Tool belts may not seem like much, but they can pull the body’s alignment off and cause back or joint injuries if the weight in the belt is seriously out of balance. Keep heavy tools evenly spaced to avoid this problem.

5. Mark Buried Obstructions

If the construction work involves any digging, ensure that the underground utility lines are properly marked before any digging begins. This is not something to leave to chance, as cutting a gas or electric line can have fatal consequences.

6. Be Prepared for Machine Upset

Equipment can tip, no matter how heavy it is. Be prepared for this, and always use a seat belt when operating equipment. Also, never push equipment beyond its stability point, and be aware of the surface you are operating on as well as the conditions of the environment.

7. Avoid Squatting When Possible

If your work takes you near the ground, sit down instead of squatting. Squatting is hard on the knees and can lead to over-use injuries with time.

Remember, safety needs to be the first priority at all times on the job site. With these seven tips, you can keep yourself and other workers on the job as safe as possible.

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