Wayne Brothers Geostructural Solutions group designed and installed a ground improvement system for the Windsor Run project; a retirement community. We also provided Civil & Infrastructure services on this project.

Rigid inclusions were selected as the most appropriate ground improvement system due to poor soils having a high concentration of organic material. This ground improvement system was provided as a VE to a mass undercut due to unexpected poor soil conditions.

The Civil & Infrastructure scope included two separate buildings. The first building we were responsible for: erosion control measures, on-site cut & fill of 10,000 CY, export of 16,000 CY, storm drainage, all utilities (sewer and water), and all sitework, sidewalks, equipment pads, court yard patio, light & heavy asphalt. The second building’s scope included: all erosion control measures, strip & fine grade of existing building pad, backfill of building walls, rood leaders, sewer & water line, FDC connection, and sidewalks.

The Geostructural and Civil & Instructure group worked together to provide our client with a cost-effective, value-engineered solution that mitigated scheduled delays.

Client: Kaufman Lynn
Location: Matthews, NC
Scope: Engineering, Geostructural Solutions, Civil & Infrastructure