wise library construction

Client: Quesenberry’s Inc.
Status: Complete
Location: Wise, VA
Scope: Turnkey Concrete
Project Manager: John Suther
Superintendent: Brent Hildreth

Wayne Brothers Inc. completed the cast-in-place concrete scope of work for the University of Virginia’s College at Wise’s new Library. The library’s 107’ tall cast in place walls and slabs form a six story structure right in the middle of the university’s campus. The library is the new signature building on campus providing students with easy access to the building from all areas of the mountainous campus as well as food services, comfortable study areas, and of course a library. Wayne Brothers Mobilized to the site in March of 2014 and began work on the buildings foundations. WBI was challenged with the demanding scope of forming and pouring over 80,000 SF of walls which climb to over 100’; as well as seven levels of floor slabs, and various interior details on the building. WBI is proud to have worked on this exciting project.