Client: Kaufman Lynn Construction
Status: Completed
Location: Concord, NC
Scope: Geostructural Solutions, Civil & Infrastructure


We were awarded a small grading project in the middle of downtown Concord, NC. The concrete structure was to be positioned between and existing parking deck and active city streets. As the modeling for the project was put together, it became evident that a deeper than expected excavation would be required for the concrete foundations to be installed.

As site logistics and safety planning were reviewed, we put forth the option of shoring a portion of the city street to allow for a safe excavation and to keep the existing roadway operational. WB’s Civil and Infrastructure team has the ability to not only self-perform the excavation, but we also design and install pile and lagging shoring. In this case, we were able to utilize the same crew to perform both scopes, saving time, coordination, and costs for the project.

Whether it is a tight site, poor soil conditions, high bearing capacity requirements or other miscellaneous site and geotechnical constraints, we have the ability to provide a turnkey, design-build solution that will meet project needs while perfectly marrying the geostructural solution with the grading of the site and installations of the foundation system.