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Geostructural Solutions

Wayne Brothers Geostructural Solutions group specializes in the design and construction of deep foundations, ground improvement, and temporary and permanent earth retention systems. By uniquely bringing engineering and construction together, we provide innovative design-build geostructural solutions.

We leverage over 35 years of hands-on construction and geostructural engineering expertise, and work with your project team, to provide cost and schedule efficiencies. As project sites are getting tighter and project objectives more complex, our Geostructural Solutions group provides a variety of design-build solutions to meet your needs.


Deep Foundations

Deep foundations are driven or drilled structural elements designed to transfer loads to stronger underlying soil and rock layers. This solution is used when the existing subsurface materials are not suitable to support the loading conditions and settlement requirements of a new structure or addition to an existing structure.

  • Augercast (ACIP, CFA) Piles
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Anchors
  • Underpinning
  • Drilled Shafts (Caissons)
  • Helical Piers

Earth Retention Systems

Earth retention systems are required for excavation support when adjacent utilities or roadways, existing structures, or in-situ subsurface conditions prevent other excavation techniques from being viable. The selection of the most appropriate earth retention system depends upon the existing site and subsurface conditions, access, and wall deflection requirements.

  • Soldier Pile and Lagging Walls
  • Soil Nail Walls
  • Sheetpile Walls
  • Tieback Walls

Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement solutions are necessary when the soil is weak or marginal and needs to be strengthened. These systems are driven or drilled elements designed to improve the engineering properties of the overall subsurface profile by improving bearing capacity and reducing settlements. Ground improvements are often used in shallow foundations as an economical and efficient approach.

  • Vibro Stone Columns (Aggregate Piers)
  • Rigid Inclusions
  • Liquefaction Mitigation