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By Josh Byers, PE, Project Manager (Civil)


A 330-acre site has a creek running through the center. This creek naturally creates a gap that splits the job into two separate sites which is a logistical nightmare for all the trades onsite.


The solution was the addition of two temporary bridges, providing access across both parcels. We were going to “bridge the gap”.


Our partner, AME Crane, loaded these bridges onto flatbeds provided by Preferred Construction Supply (PCS). PCS transported the bridges to Lexington, NC where Central Carolina Seeding graciously offered a storage space on their laydown yard. The bridges were not yet ready for installation, there was still much preparatory work to coordinate.  Both bridges required concrete abutments to be designed and installed on each side of the creek.

We turned to Southern Engineering, our in-house engineering firm, for design.  Southern Engineering was able to design and engineer structural abutments to meet the specifications the bridges required. With the help of Wayne Brothers Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) group providing a BIM Model, Southern Engineering was able to produce a civil grading plan to accompany the structural abutments plan. Once these drawings were approved, sitework began.


Wayne Brothers Civil mobilized to the bridge area and began grading the area for the bridge abutments. Once complete, the Structural Concrete group began installing the abutments. With the abutments installed, the clock began ticking to bridge the gap between the two sites. We needed to wait until the concrete had enough strength to set the bridges, and after 10 days, we had our strength and we were ready for the big day: Installation Day!


Working again with AME Crane and PCS, the bridges were rigged and lifted in place. Wayne Brothers Industrial group was now onsite to bolt and secure the bridges. On the install day, Wayne Brothers Safety team ensured all trades were working in a safe manner. Once bridge installation was complete, the Civil group began backfilling around the abutments. This backfill task required special-order timber be installed against the abutments.


We faced a delivery delay for the backfill timber due to sourcing issues from the first supplier. However, our Civil Superintendent and Operations Manager quickly secured a new supplier and obtained a purchase check within 24 hours with the help of our Accounting Department. The timber arrived in time and we finished the job!


Ten teams worked synchronously on a job that typically does not require an overlap of one another. This bridge installation is a true demonstration of Wayne Brothers living out our core purpose: Building Together in Pursuit of Excellence.

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