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In our office:

  • Designed to use natural light for every area of the office
  • Light sensors to conserve energy
  • New logistics system in the Distribution Center to accommodate higher volume requests more efficiently and with less waste
  • Paperless Office
  • Used cardboard, plastics, and aluminum are 100% recycled

On our job sites:

  • Job trailers equipped with large monitors and iPads to reduce printing by over 95%
  • Leftover project steel is 100% recycled
  • Wayne Brothers has completed construction for 15 LEED Certified projects; including the Sierra Nevada Brewery which received LEED Platinum Certification
  • BIM/VDC has reduced waste on the projects.
  • Creating more exact material orders with less waste at the end of the job.
  • Reduced jobsite lay down space (Less disturbed  ground) as BIM empowers us to deliver on the material we need at the time we consume them.
  • With GPS equipped equipment we are moving more dirt in less time using less fuel.
  • Employing the digital environment allows us to work more remotely and decrease the travel needs between job sites.  Thus reducing fuel usage.

Our Fleet and Service Center:

  • All waste oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid are 100% recycled and reused for heating the Service Center
  • All engine coolant (antifreeze) is 100% recycled
  • All vehicle and motor equipment batteries are recycled
  • Grading equipment uses Grade Control (GPS) System, web-based maintenance program, and Tier 3 engines for improved efficiency
  • Introducing alternative fuel vehicles to our fleet

Be Responsible & Accountable

Taking an active involvement within the communities in which we live and work.