Client: Weyerhaeuser
Status: Complete
Location: Elkin, NC
Scope: Civil & Infrastructure
Project Manager: Jim Rhodes
Superintendent: Rick Adsit

Weyerhaeuser contracted directly with WBI to expand their log yard storage capacity and to help mitigate timber supply risks as it related to weather and pricing fluctuations. To achieve this, they designed a 150,000 sf concrete log yard that would be traveled by over a hundred tractor trailers and many large off-loading pieces of equipment on a daily basis. Wayne Brothers was given a contract for both the site grading and concrete paving scopes of work, as well as a quickly approaching deadline to complete the work. WBI’s Grading Group mobilized and began clearing and grubbing the almost 20 acre site, immediately after we installed the erosion control measures. Those measures consisted of double rowed silt fence along a stream, as well as two skimmer basins and slope drains that ranged from 5 to 40 feet in elevation drop. Once the erosion measures were installed and the site cleared, the Grading Group went to work on moving the over 150,000 cys of overburden that needed to be removed in order to put the proposed log yard to grade. With the help of GPS machine control and site control instruments, the Grading Group was able to move the dirt in less than 6 weeks; which was no small task given the wet September weather and a haul distance of over a mile each way. Thanks to great operating skill and the help of the GPS controls, excavator and dozer operators were able to put the 40 foot cut slope to precision grade without multiple fine grading passes, saving both time and money for the project.