Our client needed access to 20 acres of undeveloped land that was bounded on all sides by high quality water streams. In order to gain this access WBI was contracted to install a bottomless culvert on deep foundations. Sheet piling was driven 20 ft deep to protect the creek banks during the construction process as well as provide scour protection for the foundation system during future flood events. Once the sheeting was installed H-Pile was driven 40 ft deep to proper bearing capacity and cut off at the design elevation. A 4 ft tall by 3.5 ft wide pile cap was then formed and poured to provide footing for the bottomless culvert.

After the pile cap reached design strength the culvert “ConSpan” sections were set in place and the headwall sections were bolted together. The WBI team then grouted, waterproofed and backfilled the culvert, delivering a quality finished product and access to 20 acres of land to a pleased client.

“Of all the Con/Span installations that I have been a part of, I have never seen such a professional, safe and well organized team.” – Jon Pierson, ConSpan Sales Rep