Client: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Status: Complete
Location: Mills River, NC
Scope: Turnkey Concrete
Project Manager: John Vaughan
Superintendent: Jason Thompson

Our project for Sierra Nevada kicked off with a fast start. We built a new Brewing Facility along the French Broad River near Asheville, North Carolina. In addition to making beer, the new brewery has become a local attraction for tourist by offering tours, a tasting room, restaurant, and concert amphitheater. The project consists of a 150,000 square foot bottling and packaging warehouse. WBI performed the slab-on-grade, pile caps, grade beams, deep foundations, and constructed an 11,000 square foot tank. The tank consisted of a mat slab foundation, cast-in-place deck and cast-in-place walls. This structure hosts 44 tanks, and 26 will be installed now. This leaves room for the future expansion of 18 tanks. The 26 tanks will be capable of housing 25,600 barrels of beer; which is about 51,200 kegs of beer. This project required a high level of quality and a demanding construction schedule. We are excited and looking forward to the challenge.

The fermentation tanks arrived onsite and the tank erection at the fermentation cellar were completed. The fermentation tanks were manufactured in Germany and arrived in the Charleston harbor on March 13th. The Brewhouse’s concrete structure was completed and the copper kettles were installed. The bridges’ abutments and retaining walls on Sierra Nevada Way have been completed. The bridges’ abutments and retaining walls were placed using a portabella colored concrete to give the bridge abutment walls an earthy tone with an aged look. Form liners were utilized to give the concrete walls a slate stone texture and a sandblast texture. Construction on the Service Block Building and the Waste Water Treatment Facility is underway.

This project would not be a success without the cooperation of Sierra Nevada’s Project Team. Also, enough cannot be said for WBI’s project team. Their continued support and dedication to the project is very much appreciated.