Client: Cargill
Status: Completed
Location: Gainesville, GA
Scope: Industrial Contracting Services


The Industrial group has completed multiple concrete scopes of work for Cargill. First, was a concrete foundation for a new piece of equipment that required demo and installation around an existing, active prep building. Second, was during a shut down where we had to demo additional areas to prepare for new equipment foundations. After finishing our work we demobilized. .

During shut down, Cargill had another contractor adding a scale on the site. This scale had a 6 inch curb poured on the end of it, by design. After the contractor had demobilized and the plant resumed operations in the area, they had a problem where trucks couldn’t make the turn without rubbing or running over the curb. They asked if we could help because the original contractor was unavailable. We mobilized on a Saturday and saw and demo the curb to help solve our client’s problem.