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Why Concrete?

By March 14, 2011November 16th, 2016Wayne Brothers, Concrete, Technology

Why Concrete?
What makes it the most used construction material in the world? And what makes Wayne Brothers experts in the subject?

Well, Let’s start at the beginning.
Concrete has been known to be a great part of several ancient civilizations, like the Egyptian and the Roman, to name a few. But it was on the Roman, that it was most artfully used.

What exactly is concrete?
Back in ancient Roma, the concrete was a mixture of quicklime, pozzolana, and an aggregate of pumice. However, nowadays the mix contains cement and other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate made of gravels or crushed rocks such as limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand), water, and chemical admixtures.

And what would this world be this days without it? Well, we are sure that it would be quite a plain one, with limited to null edifications to appreciate and use. This should give us an idea of the extreme importance attached to this material.

A few of the best attributes of concrete are it’s incredible strength and it’s workability. However, the low elasticity and a very low coefficient of thermal expansion requires the combined use of other materials (like steel) and plenty of tests, to ensure the perfect balance and usability.

We have learned in over 26 years of experience, the craft of the use of this material as it can be proven by all of our previous works.

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