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By Keith Wayne, CEO & President

Some of us grew up shooting for sport, others are learning as an adult. Learning how to shoot at a moving target, such as a fast-flying bird or a clay target involves, what is referred to, as taking aim with a “Lead”. Simply put, this means to pull ahead of the target such that the time taken between your trigger pull and the flight of the shell load reaching its target, will deliver the shot to where the target will be. Any good wing shot will attest this takes considerable practice, because it involves good judgement of the conditions.

The challenges of shooting a shotgun at a moving target in many ways resemble the challenges of developing business strategies. Just replace target speed, wind direction, shotshell ballistics with the business lingo of target markets, economic cycles, labor statistics and resources. Every industry may have different variables, but there will undoubtedly be factors to consider when trying to take aim.

When we consider the construction services we want to offer to our target clients, we focus on delivering value. We understand our client’s pain points and growth plans. If we hope to hit the target, we need to allow a certain degree of lead. We must start building our business strategies now around what the client’s needs will be in the future, so we are positioned to deliver value at the right time.    One example is our venture into engineering services (through Southern Engineering Company) to assist clients with solving their design needs effectively. We are very proud of where this strategic pursuit has placed us in today’s fast paced and demanding construction delivery market.

This is precisely why we’re always searching for the best possible mix of services. It is also why we never stop stretching ourselves to seek new technologies and improved processes to obtain a higher degree of efficiency and effectiveness. The latest example is our addition of Laser Scanning.  One of our four Core Values is “Pioneering Proactive Solutions”. This core value is equal to our “lead” associated with our aim at the future.

We welcome our customers to share their expected service needs. It is always refreshing to hear what our clients feel they will need in the future from their most trusted trade partners. While we may not be able to fulfill every need they have in the future, we pledge to always be making progress toward filling the most important and often most challenging needs of the industrial building community.

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