Client: Weyerhaeuser
Status: Complete
Location: Elkin, NC
Scope: Concrete
Project Manager: Jim Forbes
Superintendent: Bob McMahand

Wayne Brothers Inc. was asked by one of our repeat clients to provide new crane foundations, 7,500 square feet of new 8” reinforced concrete slab and approximately 800 square feet of mezzanine topping slab inside an existing Weyerhaeuser facility. The old space was used for past lumber operations and now was being retrofitted to be a new maintenance shop for their facility. WBI was able to help our client with some value engineering after discovering that the original concrete slab still had structural integrity. The original scope had a demolition contractor removing the existing slab and a new one to be placed achieving a flat level condition for their maintenance shop needs. WBI presented to our client an alternative to removing the existing slab. We were able to engage our engineers with DuctileCrete to design a slab that would meet the needs of our client, taking in consideration the loading capacities for which this slab would encounter.

We were able to prep the existing floor by chipping down any high areas and filling in any low areas prior to installing a topping slab with Ductilcrete. We chipped out an area to allow for a floor transition for forklifts since we were adding on top of the original slab. We installed a small ramp in this area. Manpower was able to be cut from an 8 man crew to a 4 man crew since there was no rebar in the slab and the formwork was minimized. The work was started on May 2, 2016 and completed on May20, 2016. By using the option of a Ductilcrete topping slab we were able to save our client several thousands of dollars in demolition costs and very valuable time. We were also able to save manpower to complete this project.