Client: Dennis Group
Status: Completed
Location: Rome, GA
Scope: Equipment Rigging & Installation


The Industrial Equipment Rigging and Installation team was hired to complete a complex demolition project in an active food processing facility. The demolition consisted of 18 Storage tanks, 20 industrial blowers, and more than 60 pieces of food-grade processing equipment – all with associated piping. In addition, specific pieces of production equipment needed to be carefully saved for future use. Removal of the equipment from a six-story tower posed quite a challenge as several of the storage tanks extended through multiple floors. The experienced team worked without disturbing the active food processing and completed the complex job with an aggressive schedule.

Temporary structures were built to separate the jobsite from the processing areas in order to protect the on-going food production. Due to constrained access, the team removed material out of windows on each floor by utilizing a crane to lower material safely to the ground for recycling. All together over 100 tons of material were removed.

The client was satisfied with the work performed and the team was awarded an additional contract for erection of 100+ tons of structural steel at the same facility.