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By Doug Francavilla, Assistant Project Manager (Industrial Concrete)

At Wayne Brothers you have the opportunity to get to know and interact with a stratification of leaders from Lead Carpenters to the President/CEO and every position in between. I have entertained conversations with all. How feasible is this interaction at other construction companies; especially ones as diverse in offerings as Wayne Brothers?

Forever a student in life, when I consider what I have learned at Wayne Brothers about leadership (qualities, actions, and behaviors) an acronym comes to mind.

Listen to the needs and advice of those whom you serve below and above.

Engage those around you to help you pull towards a goal – pushing doesn’t work.

Actions speak volumes and even more so when physical action is taken in the field and witnessed by your crew.

Delegate tasks to others to help them help you and you will find they become more invested, more confident, and more responsible.

Even keel in the way you react to unforeseen situations both internally and externally.

Recognize team success and individual success to those directly involved, then share it with others.

Sacrifice your ego because there is not a need for it.

Honest and open communication is the only way to go.

Insert yourself into the position of whom you’re supposed to be leading from time to time for understanding and perspective – humble yourself and remind yourself of where you came from.

Plan to work hard with some play mixed in; robots are not taking over the construction industry anytime soon – do not act like one.


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