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Wayne Brothers, Inc.’s Jason Sisk was recently awarded the Industrial Hygiene – Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health Certificate from the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina. This certificate is given to individuals who have shown a high level of education in occupational safety, health and the environment. Mr. Sisk was pleased to accept the award and add it to his credentials as a member of the WBI team.

“The pursuit of the IH MESH certificate was primarily driven by the release of the new OSHA Silica standard,” said Mr. Sisk. “I received my C MESH certificate in 2014 and felt that the IH MESH certificate was an important addition to my qualifications.”

Earlier this month, Chip McDonald, the President of the Safety and Health Council, presented the certificate to Mr. Sisk, along with a plaque to display at Wayne Brothers and a commemorative coin. The certificate shows that Mr. Sisk has a high level of proficiency in environmental, safety and health that was displayed both through educational pursuits and through professional performance and experience.

In a press release from the Safety Council, North Carolina’s Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry said, “We are tremendously happy to recognized Jason as a recipient of the Industrial Hygiene-Manager of Environmental Safety and Health Certificate. This program prepares mangers for keeping their worksites safe and healthy, and that preparation improves employee protection and company productivity.”

According to the Safety and Health Council, the MESH program was created to increase the professionalism of those who work in construction as environmental, safety or health managers. The goal of the program is to raise industry standards to increase health and safety. WBI has won multiple awards for safety on the job site, and MESH certification is right in line with the company’s goals to keep their workers and their job sites as safe as possible.

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