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By Keith Wayne, President & CEO

We are very blessed to work with the clients we do.  Clients who value our experience, expertise, and see us as a trusted partner. Developing these deep client relationships is essential to building a successful business. While it’s easy to focus solely on completing the job at hand, investing time in cultivating strong client relationships can lead to significant long-term benefits especially during an economic downturn.

Repeat business and referrals.

When clients trust and value our work, they are more likely to work with us on future projects. Repeat business provides stability and helps to establish a positive reputation. Everyone in the organization is responsible for building and maintaining these relationships. If you interact with a client, you are responsible. Our field leadership and group executives understand this and deserve credit for a job well done.

Secondly, deep client relationships can lead to referrals. When our clients are satisfied, they have recommended us to other potential clients. Referrals are a powerful business generation tool and can lead to significant growth opportunities.

Stronger collaboration and better project outcomes.

Establishing a strong client relationship means better collaboration and communication, leading to improved decision-making. Many clients get us involved early in the project. Involving us early means that all requirements are understood and addressed upfront. This reduces the risk of costly changes or rework, resulting in lower costs. Together, we can identify potential challenges, risks, and safety hazards, ensuring a feasible project with constructability in mind. The outcome is lower cost, higher quality, and a stronger relationship. Our core purpose is BUILDING TOGETHER IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE and this is exactly what we are doing with our clients.

Developing deep client relationships is critical to building a successful business. Investing time in building these relationships is a smart business decision. Our clients trust and value our work, leading to repeat business, referrals, and growth opportunities. Everyone in the organization has a role to play in building and maintaining these relationships. During difficult times, such as a recession, these relationships are even more critical, and their value cannot be overstated.

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