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These employees are being recognized by a coworker for going above and beyond.


Thank you to Bob McMahand for jumping in and helping. Bob didn’t hesitate to change gears from his role to helping the Industrial Concrete Superintendents on multiple projects, to taking on single projects to see them through to completion.   I appreciate the teamwork as we get through this busy time in our group! – Gary Akers

Kudos to Andrew Byrd for helping fix a tire.   Andrew exemplified “Customer Service” to help me at the end of the day. – Shannon Sapp

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the design and fabrication of WB’s first set of self-made augercast drilling leads. I’d like to especially thank Quentin Beaver, Britt Hull, Taj Wiwczar, Ryan Barker, and our structural engineering team for their dedication! You have proven that there is nothing we can’t do together. – Cameron Day

My crew, and myself are currently still on the job, However despite all my men working hard long hours, I would like to spotlight Dennis Keith Bryant. This is the first formal Job I have worked with Keith on, but even in the time frame of this job his work ethic and determination towards the job has been noticed. Here in Georgia with a heat advisory, It would be very easy to loose our cool (pun intended). However despite the heat, Keith and my other men pushed on at a productive and safe pace. Keith has always showed up to work, and juggles many tasks. Even some out of his forte. Without Keith on my job I know production would not be what it has been. Keith has proved to be an asset to my job and I’m sure this one job isn’t an exception of his work ethic on previous jobs. I just wanted to express my appreciation for all my guys hard work, and determination but I do want to thank Keith for his hard work. – Gregory Jouben

I want to thank Carlos Alvarez for always being there in the shop to over come any problem or issue when it come to fixing a pump or motor. The shafts in the pictures shows his craftsmen ship in using the lathe and being able to get the pumps fixed without waiting long lead times for new ones. Thank you Carlos. – Terry Swayne

I would like to recognize Nova Moran on a job well done. Regardless if a person needs assistance on completing applications, or assistance completing their new hire paperwork, she is always there to help. She is doing great in her role and is definitely an asset to our team! – Shawntel Brown

Jerome Shorty went out of his way to deliver a phone case to my house so I could have it before a work trip. – Ashley Huscio

I would like to thank Melvin Zelaya for his attention to detail and for doing a great job making sure our team builds it right the first time. He went above and beyond using his experience and knowledge to bridge the gap between design and construction. – Garrett Overcash

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