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These employees are being recognized by a coworker for going above and beyond.


I would like to recognize Jose Tojeiro for his exceptional attitude and work ethic, he goes above and beyond on all tasks big or small. – Zac Meredith

Jazil Chacon, Alberto Delgado, Angel Villatoro, Jarrod Howell, James Strait, Brandon Corriher, Paul Dolinsky, Brandon Lauerman, Victor Callender. They exceeded expectations by being called in to work a night shift after they had already worked a 10-hour day. Without any notice the team did what was needed to meet the needs of the job. And thank United Rentals, Fluid Solutions division for helping us with the work that night. – Rick Adsit

I would like to recognize Mike Smithwick and Bobby Ward for being there for the job rain or shine. They show up every day eager to bring value to the crew.  I would also like to recognize Jose Tojeiro for keeping his crew on task and motivated do get any task safely accomplished. – John Burch

Jerry Lambert and Colton Green went the extra mile to assist me with a malfunctioning key fob. Upon requesting dealership details from Jerry to order a replacement key, he took it upon himself to contact them and gather the necessary information. When Jerry returned my call, he had personally visited the dealership, obtaining a new key fob for my truck. Subsequently, he coordinated with Colton in the workshop to ensure that my key was correctly programmed before the day concluded. – Josh Byers

I would like to recognize Robert Goins for going above and beyond. He’s a great asset to the Wayne Brothers Family. – Keelan Bailey

I would like to thank the Civil group for exceeding our goal for reducing equipment incidents this year(2023). The goal was 10% reduction which would have been reducing 3 incidents and we reduced by 20%, 6 less incidents. I am very proud of the group for this achievement. – Rick Adsit

I’d like to recognize Bigen (Jonathan Miller) and crew for their hard work at NOVI rise and the folks on the Nucor site on their hard work with special emphasis on Robert Goins for his performance in leadership of the tasks that he is assigned to. – Josh Akers

Stephen Smith and crew deserve a huge kudos for a flawless execution of setting a precast CXT admin building at Wittenburg. Per Arne Bye (CXT Rep), it was the easiest one he’s ever set in his career. The pad was graded flawlessly allowing all 4 pieces to be set on the first try. Same goes for the CXT toilet vault. He nailed it! I’m proud of him and how far along he’s came! – Keith Hansen

A GC called Cody Key at 5:00 am with an emergency request for help to move equipment and materials. Cody called Isaac Thornton, who was scheduled to report to LCOC, and asked Isaac if he could go to Nexans. Per the GC, Isaac entered their office and said “I am here to help. What do you need”. After walking the site with the GC, Isaac moved all equipment, materials, and prepped the area so the owner’s sub could start work. Isaac feels he was just doing his job but he demonstrated good communication skills, made a work plan, and accomplished goals that moved the project forward. The owner and GC were extremely happy with the results and the problem was solved. Major Kudos to Isaac. – Jeff Howell

My experience observing superintendent, Brandon Adams, collaborating and providing training to apprentice pipefitters and welders has been an extremely positive one. Brandon has been able to mentor and guide apprentices with necessary knowledge of work structure that has created a substantive, deeper, and richer work environment. Brandon’s tenor is sincere; his guidance and mentoring and feedback of apprentice crew members is constructive, metered with empathy and care. Brandon understands how external and internal pressures for apprentice to learn pipefitting and welding can affect behavior of individuals and their peers in the work environment. Brandon provides guidance to apprentices to help reduce their anxieties and quandaries how to perform task, which is resulting in increased knowledge and satisfaction when completing tasks. Brandon’s mentoring and guidance to crew members continues to help them gain understanding of the need to successfully plan and complete each task assignment. – Larry Pitre

Since joining Wayne Brothers, Skylar Snyder has been extremely helpful improving process integration workload while helping the fabrication shop understand how to prioritize project tasks. Skylar is active in the fabrication shop and field to determine how work is to be performed and providing means and methods to accomplish and meet planned goals. Skylar produces clear detailed drawings so that fabrication personnel can produce items with minimal errors.   Skylar provides instructions for managing tasks and commitments in the fabrication shop, helping project and fabrication management commitment with manpower, equipment, and time allocation to meet our diverse needs.  Skylar is respectful of project aims and by asking perceptive, intelligent questions, helps clarify means and methods to timely and successfully meet project goals. Skylar’s approach and focus to achieve project goals and mentor personnel is a huge boon to our workforce. – Larry Pitre

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