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By Keith Wayne, President & CEO

Having established our presence in the Industrial market through years of successful projects, we understand that continuous improvement is the key to sustaining greatness. Our commitment to delivering value reflects in our investments across technology, services, and leadership.


We are thrilled to introduce two additions to our team, Chad Champine (VP Industrial) and Scott Walker (Equipment Installation Division Manager), whose expertise promises enhanced value delivery to our clients.

Chad, an Industrial Engineer, has spent the past fifteen years focusing on advanced manufacturing design, operations, global procurement/supply chain, materials management, and cap-ex planning. He specializes in providing Owner’s Representation, offering expertise in site/facility master planning and design for manufacturers worldwide. His passion lies in applying Lean Manufacturing concepts and Industrial Engineering methods to ensure optimal value delivery to clients throughout all phases of design and construction.

Scott is a master millwright and alignment services technician with over three decades experience. His primary focus spans across various US manufacturing sectors, including automotive, printing, converting, plastics, paper, power, rubber, forging, stamping, and machining industries. Scott specializes in industrial operations, management, expansion, business development, heavy rigging and lift planning.


Service Offerings

In response to our longstanding Industrial clients’ needs, we’ve diversified our service portfolio over recent years. We have added a Maintenance, Service, and Repair division that focuses on:

  • Custom Fabrication, Modification, & Welding
  • Electric Motor, Pump, Gearbox Repair & Installation
  • Predictive Services
  • Customizable Service Agreements

This dedicated team actively cultivates relationships and consistently meets service commitments. Furthermore, our MRO Parts and Supplies Division maintains an extensive inventory. Thus, we can diagnose the problem on-site, establish solutions, and provide installation/repairs.



Embracing innovation, we’ve integrated Laser Scanning into our digital toolbox. This technology has been pivotal in capturing existing and as-built conditions for numerous projects. Its capabilities ensure swift, precise, safe, and comprehensive data with minimal disruption to client operations or jobsite activities. We’re continuously exploring further applications for this cutting-edge technology.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Chad and Scott to our team. Their wealth of expertise, coupled with our diverse service portfolio and advanced technology solidifies our commitment to delivering value to our industrial clients.

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