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Concrete floors are the working platform for industrial facilities and critical to operational efficiency. Conventionally designed floors while functional have inherent issues of curling and cracking leading to costly joint and crack maintenance as well as premature equipment maintenance. Options to minimize joints and cracks have been limited to heavily reinforced slabs, shrinkage compensating concrete, and post-tensioning. These are very good choices for reducing inherent floor maintenance costs but carry significant up front material and installation costs. Your choices were very limited until now. Wayne Brothers and Ductilcrete™ Slab Systems offer state of the art, engineered, minimally jointed slab-on-grade solutions that are cost competitive with conventionally designed floors yet perform like “premium” floor slabs.


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Turnkey solutions
Curl-free slabs
Impact & abrasion resistant
80% fewer joints
Greater density
Up to 80% slab/joint maintenance reduction
5 Year Extended Warranty
Engineer stamped drawings
Cost effective
Increased life cycle
Constant floor flatness & levelness
Ductilcrete Paving, Topping & Whitetopping systems
Freezer & cooler compatible