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Ready To Work?

Are you considering a new job in the new year? Then, check out all the reasons why joining the Wayne Brothers Companies team could be the perfect fit for you!

Is it Hard To Find Work In Construction?

Absolutely not! In fact…

  • Demand for construction workers is at an all-time high.
  • New building projects are happening all the time.
  • You don’t need a college degree.
  • Apprenticeship and training programs are plentiful to help get you started.
  • Construction work is open to all ages, making it an excellent mid-career change

Is There $$$ In Construction?

Construction can be very lucrative. Experienced workers frequently make as much money or more as their counterparts with college degrees. Construction is one of the few professions where you can start working directly after high school, advance quickly, and make a decent wage with good perks.

Should I Go Through An Apprentice Program?

Accredited apprenticeship programs are the best way to get into construction. Apprenticeships give low-cost or free education and a glimpse at daily work in your trade. In addition, apprenticeship training has several benefits.

  • Apprenticeships allow you to work and earn a living wage while learning essential skills and gaining qualifications. Pay increases with skill.
  • Your education doesn’t end after your apprenticeship, so you can keep learning and advancing your career. Knowledge increases pay.
  • During your apprenticeship, you can ask mentors, coworkers, or supervisors about techniques, terminology, or anything industry-related.
  • Apprenticeships provide diverse learning and experience.
  • Apprenticeship can be rewarding. You’ll find many career-advancement possibilities after your apprenticeship.

5 Benefits of Construction Work

  • Strong Job Market: While the construction industry may be hurting for workers, this is good news for you. It means plenty of jobs are available in which you have a strong negotiating position.
  • Personally Rewarding: There is quite a lot to be said for being able to point to a hospital, school, or apartment building and say, “I helped build that.” Unlike other professionals, construction allows you to create something tangible.
  • You’ll Be Part of a Team: You won’t work in isolation when you work construction. Instead, you’ll be part of a team, pooling knowledge and experience and working toward a common goal.
  • There Is Always Something New: Unlike many office or retail jobs, construction offers new challenges. It doesn’t get boring. As you gain more experience, you’ll also gain new skills and insights into the construction process and how to make it safer and more efficient.
  • Potential for Travel: New building projects are happening all over the world. If you’ve ever wanted to travel, this would be a great opportunity as construction workers can often find employment almost anywhere.


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