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WHY is Wayne Brothers a good choice for employment?

FOR NEW EMPLOYMENT CAREERS we offer competitive options for both skilled and unskilled construction careers.

FOR VETERANS our Apprenticeship Program is “Approved for the GI Bill®” with unlimited career development opportunities. Click to find out if your MOS qualifies.

With Wayne Brothers’ education and advancement opportunities, each employee can achieve his/her long term career goals. Through comprehensive assessment and evaluation, Wayne Brothers’ individualized “career ladder” keeps employees on track to building a better future in the construction industry.

Employee Benefits

Working as part of the team at Wayne Brothers can be a very rewarding experience. Some of our top superintendents began their careers here at our company as craftsmen in the industry. Nurturing the ethical practices and dedicated performance of our employees and furthering their career opportunities through comprehensive training and internal promotions is our main objective.

Wayne Brothers realizes that quality performance begins with quality of life. Our employees benefit from a very active wellness program including full medical insurance, 401k match and education assistance. Incentives are provided for improved nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and smoking cessation; with various health screenings offered throughout the year.

Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance
Vision Insurance
401k Match
Recognition Awards
Paid Days Off (PTO)
Paid Holidays
Inclement Weather Pay
Short-term Disability
Jury Duty Pay
Tuition Reimbursement
Training Programs
Weekly Payroll Direct Deposit
Company Picnic

In addition to Craft Level, benefits include:

Bonus Eligibility
Paid Days Off (PTO)
Long-term Disability


At Wayne Brothers we have a long-standing commitment to supporting men and women in uniform. Our Veterans’ Employment & Development Program puts that commitment into action by providing transitioning military and Veterans new career opportunities through our Apprenticeship or Transferable MOS programs.

Apprenticeship (OJT) Program
Earn a competitive wage and receive great benefits while learning a new craft. All MOS‘s are accepted into WB’s Apprenticeship Program, which is “Approved for the GI Bill®” and does not require any previous experience. The GI Bill, Chapter 33 will pay Veterans 100% of MHA during the first 6 months of training and 80% of MHA during the second 6 months of training.

Veterans can enter into a training contract with Wayne Brothers for a specific period of time, at the end of which they will gain job certification or journeyman status. During training, Veterans will receive a reduced OJT/apprenticeship wage (at least 50% of the journeyman wage) in addition to their MHA. The GI Bill ensures periodic wage increase must be given and by the last full month of training the wage must be at least 85% of the wage for a fully trained employee.


These MOS’s are needed
for immediate hire:

US Army
12B, 12N, 12W, 12V

US Marine Corps
1345, 1371, 1300

US Navy

US Air Force


Not Just Another Number on a Hard Hat

One Team, One Fight

They Actually Care

Beautiful People

The Better Life



Wayne Brothers is a Federal Contractor and participates in the E-Verify program with the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

Wayne Brothers is a drug-free work environment and has a zero-tolerance policy.  We drug screen prior to employment and randomly throughout your employment with Wayne Brothers.

Wayne Brothers, Inc is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. Read our EEO/AAE policy.