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Interested in the Wayne Brothers’ Apprenticeship Program? Registration is now available! Please give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know if you are interested in earning your NCDOL Apprenticeship Certification for: Certified Form Carpenter, Certified Concrete Finisher, and Certified Heavy Equipment Operator. Please share this with any of your friends and family who you think might be a good candidate for these apprenticeship opportunities. Our company is always on the lookout for quality people who want to come work at a place where they can start a true career path and benefit from ample growth opportunities for many years. We need help getting young candidates in the pipeline, and more importantly than that, we need help in right-sizing the misperceptions about our industry and the opportunities that it consists of.

Every spring there are tens of thousands of kids who go off to college (usually because of hearing “you’ve got to go to college” their entire life) not having a clue as to what they want to do. $80k-$100k later they get out of school, some still not having a clue what they want to do, then they start their journey in trying to find an entry level job. As an alternate, consider sharing with the kids that they can go get some real work experience while making real money. Then if they decide they’d like to advance their career, they can go through a company offered training program (while getting paid for it). Then if they want to advance further, they can go to a company sponsored community college and earn an Associate’s Degree (which the company also pays for). Let’s reset the perception that opportunity doesn’t exist in construction!

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